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  • How do I order a Customised Costume?

    customcostumeA customised costume is an essential piece of every performer's act.

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  • What measurements do I need?

    meausurements To get the correct fit it's important to provide us with acurate measurements. Many people have never taken their measurements before so here's a few tips. 1. you can buy a tape measure from any fabric/haberdashery store. Some variety $2 shops will also have them. If you don't have one, you can always use a piece of string and a ruler. 2. it's preferable to take your measurements in your underwear, not over the top of bulky clothing. 3. Get a friend to help you if you feel unconfident of measuring your self. 4. Follow the guide on the website to ensure you are measuring the right area. 5. All too hard?.... Go to an alterations shop and get them to do it for you. 6. Inches or centimetres? Either are fine.

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  • How do I order online?

    It's easy to order online.

    Simply find the product you want

    You'll be asked to select things like your size, fabric choice, colour, and others depending on the product.

    Enter this infomation to proceed to payment.

    Remember... If you want to customise anything please contact us directly for a quote.

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  • Christmas Ordering

    Visit the shipping section of our website for any updates on seasonal shipping. Do not hesitate to contact us via email should you have any concerns about receiving your items prior to the new year. Georgia Moon will be away from the 12th December to the 4th of January. You can still make an order but it will not be processed until after the 4th. We will still be checking email enquiries during the Xmas break. Have a great Holiday season and Happy shopping.

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